Fit at work – for employee


We spend a lot of time at work. When we’re working, our bodies need enough energy to keep us going through the day. Food has a big influence on our well-being and performance. Fruit and vegetables are low in calories and fats and most are easily dealt with by the body. They also provide many of the vitamins and minerals that are so important for the proper functioning of our brain and nervous system. Below are some easy ways of making sure everyone stays healthy with «5 A Day».


At breakfast time

  • Accompany breakfast with slices of apple or other delicious seasonal fruit.
  • Add freshly diced fruit, dried fruit or (frozen) berries to your muesli.
  • A glass of smoothie or unsweetened fruit juice gives you a quick start in the morning.
  • Breakfast on the go: mix seasonal fruits with one tablespoon each of nuts and cereals.


Mid-morning snack

  • A mid-morning piece of fruit is perfect for bridging the hunger gap between breakfast and lunch.
  • Why not have a carrot or cucumber sticks?
  • Keep a pack of raisins, cranberries, dried apricots, mango or pineapple in your drawer to nibble on between meals. About 30g counts as one of your «5 A day».
  • A portion of apple purée is a delicious alternative.


For your packed lunch

  • Pop an extra portion of vegies (e.g. kohlrabi, fennel or radish) in your lunchbox.
  • Vegetable salads containing beetroot, carrots, broccoli, etc. will fill you up at midday.
  • Mix them with homemade pasta or rice salad and plenty of diced vegetables (peppers, tomatoes, cucumber).
  • Garnish your sandwich with salad leaves, cucumber or strips of bell pepper, or eat your sandwich with cocktail tomatoes, cucumber sticks or celery.


In the cafeteria

  • Enjoy some vegetable soup as a starter.
  • Or choose a green or vegetable salad instead.
  • Ask for an extra helping of vegetables with your main dish.
  • Choose a dessert that contains fruit (like ice cream with hot berries, fruit salad, fruitcake, quark with fruit, etc.)


At the supermarket or takeaway

  • Choose something tasty from the wide range of green or vegetable salads.
  • Opt for vegetable-rich ready meals; go for spinach flan rather than quiche, pizza with vegetables rather than just salami.
  • Choose sandwiches that contain vegetables.
  • Eat fruit for dessert. Or have a smoothie or fruit juice.


For your afternoon snack

  • Enjoy a portion of yoghurt or quark with fresh seasonal fruits.
  • Muesli bars with a variety of dried fruits are easy to make at home.
  • Fruitcake or fruit muffins make delicious snacks.
  • Have a glass of fruit juice or a smoothie.
  • Mix an extra portion of fruit into your muesli.


Did you know…?

  • 1 portion of gummi bears (25g) contains 86kcal but no vitamins, minerals or dietary fibre.
  • 1 apple (120g) contains just 66kcal and is rich in fibre, vitamins and minerals.
  • 3 apricots (120g) contain just 58kcal and provide 133% of your daily requirement of beta-carotene. The vitamin beta-carotene is important for maintaining healthy skin, good vision and a strong immune system.