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Business Partner and Product Certification

When you become part of  «5 a Day» it opens up new opportunities and at the same time, helps you to support the well-being of the Swiss population.  Other forms of cooperation are possible, in addition to licensing products.  Interested? Contact us today.

The «5 a Day» licence enables companies to present themselves in a positive and attractive light. It is aimed at fruit and vegetable producers and retailers. Licencees are authorised to include the «5 a Day» logo on their products and communication media.

Facts & Benefits

Five daily servings of vegetables and fruit keep you fit and healthy. For over ten years now, «5 a Day» has been motivating the Swiss population to consume more vegetables and fruit, and more often. This campaign is supported by the Swiss Cancer League.

Cultivate your Image

Take advantage of «5 a Day»’s healthy and fresh image and position yourself as a responsible and sustainable company.

Boost your Sales

The population’s growing awareness of health and nutrition has a direct impact on buying behavior.  Mark your products with the coveted «5 a Day» label and gain a clear advantage; the store shelves shall speak for themselves.

Reach your Audience

The campaign provides information on the website, via the Newsletter and on Facebook at «5 a Day», reaching an audience that knows a healthy diet is really worthwhile. Use our well established communication channels to showcase your activities and products, while inspiring your customers about your products.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Most Swiss companies are committed to social responsibility principles (Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR) and put this into practice in their daily activities. The «5 a Day» initiative is also supported by many Swiss companies from a variety of sectors and implemented in their everyday work – improving workers’ health and well-being.

If you’d like to be a «5 a Day» Licensee, please contact us.

The following companies are «5 a Day» licensees.