Ideas and Goals

Better Health through Proper Nutrition

«5 a Day» is an internationally successful health promotion campaign with the goal of increasing vegetable and fruit consumption in the population.  «5 a Day» was launched in Switzerland in late 2001 by the Swiss Cancer League, together with Health Promotion Switzerland, the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) and the Swiss Society for Nutrition (SGE). Since 2019, «5 a day» has been funded by the Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office (FSVO).

Health-Promoting Components in Fruit and Vegetables

Numerous scientific studies show that a diet rich in vegetables and fruit is important for health. Vegetables and fruit contain many vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre, practically no fat or cholesterol, and usually low in calories.

Our body needs health-promoting components for metabolism and growth. Additionally, vitamins and minerals are important for the formation of hormones and blood cells, as well as being essentially involved in the nervous system’s function. A diet rich in vegetables and fruit gets the body going and is a natural support for weight control.

«5 a Day»: A Simple Formula with Beneficial Results

The daily vegetable and fruit requirements can be described in a simple and catchy phrase: At least five portions should be consumed over the course of a day. A portion is equal to about a handful of vegetables or fruit.

The objective is better health and well-being for the population of Switzerland.
«5 a Day» shows you how to increase your personal consumption of fruit and vegetables – variety with a lot of fun and pleasure.