The melon belongs to the cucurbit family, but unlike the other family members, is a fruit.  Melons thrive only in warm areas.

The word “melon” comes from Greek and means “big apple.” Melons are divided into mainly watermelons and melons (honeydew, Galia, Charentais, cantaloupe, etc.)-  All melons are very low in calories because they have a ninety to ninety-five percent water content.

Season: June to October

Nutritional Value: Honeydew melon – Swiss food composition database


Did you know...?

Watermelons contain especially lycopene, which gives the pulp its reddish colour. Melons, on the other hand, conain more vitamin C and are rich in beta-carotene, which also provides the pulp’s intense colour in the orange-coloured melon varieties. The Galia melon’s pulp is greenish-white.

1 portion a day corresponds to:

2 slices of melon