Here’s What Counts in «5 a Day»

All vegetables and fruit count and are included.  No matter whether they are fresh, cooked or frozen.  Variety is especially important in «5 a Day», because packed inside each and every vegetable and fruit are other substances that are good for our bodies.

Obst und Gemüse Fresh Vegetables and Fresh Fruit

One of the five daily portions should consist of raw vegetables or raw fruit because they contain more vitamins than cooked vegetables or fruit, since heat destroys some of the vitamins.  The best produce to eat is seasonal and regional.

TiefkühlprodukteFrozen Products
Vegetables and fruit are harvested ripe and kept in cold storage at -18°. Deep freezing is a careful and gentle way to preserve food.  The vitamin and nutrient content only decreases a little bit over several months of cold storage.

KonservendoseCanned Vegetables and Fruit
Canned vegetables and fruit are also part of «5 a Day». Due to high temperatures during sterilization, canned produce loses a large portion of vitamins. Also, the added sugar and salt should be taken into consideration. Therefore, canned goods should be rarely consumed.

getrocknete FrüchteDried Fruit
During drying, up to 80% of water is extracted from fruit.  Sugar and nutrients increase accordingly.  Non-sugared dried fruit can replace one of the five daily portions.

Frucht- und GemüsesäfteJuices
Fruit juices without any added sugar also count in «5 a Day».  However, valuable dietary fibre and important nutrients are left behind in the juicer or fruit press, which is why only one of the five portions should be replaced by a glass of juice (2 dl).

Dishes or meals that have the «5 a Day» logo are completely balanced.  They contain at least 120 grams of vegetables or fruits (whether raw or cooked), a maximum of 20 grams of fat and a maximum of 10 grams of sugar.