Brussels Sprouts

The Brussels sprout is part of the cabbage family and is botanically classified in the cruciferous plants.

The florets from Brussels sprouts are small cabbages which grow around a stem.  Depending on the variety, the heads can measure over four centimetres in diameter.  Their colour ranges from pale to dark green; sometimes they are also red.  Effects of cold weather frost reduce the florets bitter taste a bit.  Brussels sprouts can be kept in the refrigerator for up to a week.

Season: From September to December

Nutritional Value: Brussels Sprouts – Swiss food composition database


Did you know...?

These mini-cabbages are packed full of important nutrients. They contain a combination of thiamine and folic acid, which makes it an ideal vegetable for people who have concentration and nerve issues or who are suffering from stress.

1 portion a day corresponds to:

Eight to ten sprouts