Celery was already known to the ancient Egyptians and Greeks. Celery has been cultivated north of the Alps since the late Middle Ages. It is predominately cultivated in fields.

The most well-known celery varieties are the tubers, or root celery; the stalk celery, also called ribbed celery or cut celery.  Celery can be used in many ways: Raw in a salad, pressed as juice, cooked in soup or cut into slices and fried.  Celery is not a tuber, and in contrast to celeriac, has strongly developed fleshy leaf stalks. Use the flavourful parsley-like leaves from cut celery as a suitable seasoning to food.

Season: Celeriac – year round; celery and Cut celery – from May to September.

Nutritional Value: Celery – Swiss food composition database


Did you know...?

Celery is especially characterized by a mixture of vitamins and minerals.

1 portion a day corresponds to:

Approximately one-third of a celery tuber or two celery stalks