From a botanical point of view, the cucumber is a fruit vegetable.  There are two theories about the cucumber’s origin: According to one, it comes from Northern India, where it is assumed to have grown for approximately 4000 years on the Himalayas’ southern slopes. Another theory is that it originated in tropical Africa, from where it later reached Egypt and the Mediterranean.

The cucumber has a very high water content (96%), has a limited shelf life and is sensitive to the cold.  It should not be stored at less than 12° Celsius, since it may become soft, spotty, and rotten. Cucumbers should not be stored together with ethylene generating fruits such as apples and kiwis. Bitter tasting cucumbers contain the toxic cucurbitacin and therefore should not be eaten.

Season: From April to October

Nutritional Value: Cucumber – Swiss food composition database


Did you know...?

Cucumbers are very low energy vegetables with relatively low nutrient content. Because the few valuable nutritional substances in cucumbers are found in the skin, wash it well and eat cucumber with its skin. Don’t peel it.

1 portion a day corresponds to:

A third of a large cucumber