Garden Turnip / Spring Turnip

The garden turnip / spring turnip and the autumn beet / turnip are close relatives, as well as being very similar in their appearance.

Garden turnips / spring turnips are sown in the spring and harvested in May. In contrast, autumn beets / turnips are planted in summer, they are ready for harvest in autumn. The spherical garden turnip / spring turnip has white skin and a diameter of about 5 cm. Some varieties turn purple on the upper parts, which is why they are often mistaken for the turnip.

The flesh or pulp is white in both varieties of these root vegetables; although the garden turnip’s / spring turnip’s taste is more delicate than that of the tart-tasting autumn beet / turnip. In terms of substances, both root vegetables share similarities: both have a relatively high carbohydrate content for vegetables.

Season: from April to June

Did you know...?

The garden turnip’s /spring turnip’s fresh tender leaves can be prepared and enjoyed like spinach.

1 portion a day corresponds to:

One to Two Garden Turnip Roots