The small red radish belongs to the black radish group and is a tuber.  It probably originated in Asia. Wild forms of the plant have been discovered in China and are used as ornamental plants in both Japanese and Chinese gardens.

Like all radishes, the red radish contains mustard oil and sugar. Mustard oil imparts a spicy-hot taste. There are more free range, field varieties than greenhouse grown varieties.  Due to their minimum soil and climate demands, radishes can be grown and harvested year round. When shopping for radishes, make sure the vegetable feels firm, the leaves are green and not wilted. Radishes can be freshly kept by placing the roots is a bowl of water. Radishes stay fresh for two or three days in the refrigerator.

Season: From May to September

Nutritional Value: Radish – Swiss food composition database


Did you know...?

Radishes have a balanced range of vitamins and minerals.

1 portion a day corresponds to:

Six to eight red radishes